Hi, I'm Dave Meyer, owner of Meyer & Sons Design. My business is bespoke wood furniture.
To be specific: I'm the father of three busy sons, a husband who tries to remember to pick up his socks, a builder, a craftsman, a baseball pitcher, a damn good griller (or so says Liz, my wife!), a Forever Minnesotan, and someone who believes in the honesty of community.
To be even more specific: I work with wood. For more years than I care to admit, I've shaped it into cabinets, into tables, into shelves, desks, and games.  Into things that make home life a little more organized, a little more serene.
I believe that when someone asks me to build something, they should get not only what they want, but also something that lasts. This is a partnership: We talkā€”then I measure twice, I cut once, and you end up with that awesome piece that you want for your home.  Or I eat my baseball cap.  


Feel free to browse the gallery and contact me anytime:  Meyerandsonsdesign@gmail.com.